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Multiple Applications

Crystal Precision Drilling Inc has been providing deep precision holes and honing since 1996. There are many applications for these services, and many industries are in need of deep holes for their parts and equipment. Holes greater than 10 times the diameter are defined as deep holes, and we frequently drill holes up to 300 or 400 times the diameter! Our experienced experts can drill holes for any industry.
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Serving the US and Beyond

Our customer base has grown to include 25 states and Canada! We have been expanding our business and we are happy to continue serving more customers as we grow.
Professional staff
Our staff members are constantly improving their skills - we are capable of working with complex geometries, exotic materials, and weights up to 8,000 pounds.
Hole drilling
Our deep hole drilling has a wide range of applications, including space, aviation, oil drilling, food processing, nuclear programs, and consumer product packaging.
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